Monday, November 4, 2013

Been a while since I did an update.

On the last day of the Photo Plus Expo in NYC, I took a road trip with an NSOP owner Ben Jacobsen, fellow NSOPer Dave Simms and Greg(a coworker of Ben).  We left around 3AM from RI and arrived in Brooklyn at 5:45am.  This gave us plenty of time to setup for a pre-sunrise/ sunrise shoot.
Ben had been to the same location last year for a sunrise shoot, so it was great to not have to be searching.  The location we had was in-between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, which provided a superb view of the eastern shore of Lower Manhattan.  It was my first time seeing the Freedom tower at it's completed height as week as 8 Spruce Street (formerly Beekman Tower), designed by Frank Gerhy.  The later is quite interesting in design.

The first two shots taken pre sunrise show case the two aforementioned bridges, as well as the Freedom Tower and 8 Spruce Street(to the left of the Freedom Tower).

This shot was taken after sunrise with the beautiful early morning glow on the Lower Manhattan skyscrapers.

After the shoot we have a wonderful breakfast at diner near the expo and then headed off the expo itself for 4 short hours.

After reconvening, the four of us strolled the streets of Manhattan for a while had headed for a Photowalk sponsored by Fuji.  After the requisite group shot, we decided to end that walk idea as we were all tired from our early morning departure.  We grabbed a quick dinner and proceed to head on home.

The shots below are taken in the Times Square area.

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