Friday, August 23, 2013

2013.08.16 Niagara Falls Trip Day 3

Day 3 is our last full day at the resort, so we take advantage of an early visit to the water park.

Selfie time!

Not ready to get going.

"Told you I was not ready yet!"

"OK now I am ready."

Rides time!  Lots of selfies to follow.

Back in the lazy river.

With the river's favorite resident.

More ride time fun!

Still in the river!

Back to the hot tub.


Mom and daughter having a ball.

This place was huge!

Trying in vain to finish the game.

Ready for some more Falls action!

Where we enjoyed our great dinner.

Yummy crab cakes.

 Hmmmm Sliders.  So much for eating well.

Yeah.  I am having a good time!

Dinner view looking up.

Nighttime action.

Does it make it a Frankenburger?

Fireworks at the Falls!  We were lucky to run into this, but the crowd was large!