Monday, August 19, 2013

2013.8.14 Niagara Falls Day 1

The Kane family left for Niagara Falls, Canada at 3:30am. Mom and Dad stayed awake all night realizing that falling asleep would make for a tough waking up. The car was packed up late at night and the cooler right before we departed. The kids woke up well as I think they were excited. Sophie even took her morning meds without a fuss.

Two and a half hours later still on I90 with over 300 miles to go!

Sophie is looking wide awake at 6:30am, esp. since she has been up since 2:45am.

A little sunrise action at one of the many rest stops. Sarah is enjoying the free wi-fi.

Mom is looking wide awake as well, but we still have a ways to go.

Almost 9:00am and another feeding stop for Sophie, so Sarah is enjoying some wi-fi again.

184 miles to go and no we do not make it by 11:48.

1:20pm and we are getting close.

1:10pm and past the Canadian checkpoint!

We arrived to Great Wolf Lodge at 1:30pm. Sophie had another feed and we were ready to hit the indoor waterpark!

The bottle is ready...

…but she wanted to chill a bit. She has been up sine 2:45am!

Sissy is ready for some fun.

Sophie is napping before hitting the water.

Sarah and I enjoying the warm lazy river.
Sophie joins in.

Trying to avoid the buckets!

Wave pool fun.

Hot Tub time!

After a shower and ready for some evening Niagara Falls action.

A view from the balcony.

Sophie is chill in with some TV action.

Finally the Falls!

Back at Great Wolf Lodge, Sarah and I enjoyed some Magi Quest action. This game takes you all over the places indoors and is quite some fun for the kiddos. Good exercise too if you stay away from the elevators.

And that was the end to day one of our Niagara trip!

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